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New One Sheet + A Tip For Actors To Create Your Own

One sheets are a great tool to help casting identify where you fit in.

If you’re an actor who wants to do the same ask at least 5 people: “What are three adjectives you would use to describe me?” Who do you ask? Start with casting directors who know you, your acting teacher, your agent or manager, your colleagues and your friends. Be sure to ask a mix of people who know you but also ask a few people who don’t know you well. This will give you an idea of the first impression you make.

I’m grateful for my colleagues and industry professionals whose feedback helped me create my one sheet. Check it out below. This is where you can download the pdf. If you’re not on my newsletter list, sign up on this page for the latest news + more tips!



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I’ve got a brand NEW website! Welcome to the brand new!

This was all done with the help of the wonderful team at Cator Social Media!  Hooray for them! They did a fabulous job!

Here you can find out all about me. Let me give you a tour:

1. Find out how I got into this business and check out me and my daughter horse back riding here.

2. Check out my latest acting reel, my updated resume and of course some pics over here.

3. Wondering what people have said about me? Oh no they didn’t! Actually, I’m grateful they did. Read more here.

4. Finally, I want to know what you’re thinking, so connect with me and sign up for my newsletter on this page. You’ll find out more about what I’m up to and I’ll be sharing cool resources with you too!

Thank you for being on this journey with me,  I couldn’t do it without YOU!


Success. Do you want it too?

Persevere Continue in a course of action even in face of difficulty or with little or no prospect of success.  Huh.

As I sit here with my delicious (Dunkin’ Donuts) cup of coffee and write this, the word PERSEVERANCE comes to mind.  I am all about sticking to “it”.  My motto: “Where there’s a will, there’s a way”. 

I’ve chosen to pursue a professional path that actually personifies perseverance…acting.  There are mountains to climb, hoops to jump through, and  tons of rejection, but I love it, so I keep going.  I have to say, one must love it to endure even in the “face of difficulty”.  For me, that’s acceptable.  Then I read the second half of the definition… “with little or no prospect of success.” Huh, again!


I have to believe I will succeed in order to continue.  That leads to what is success?  Oye.  Success:  The accomplishment of an aim or purpose.  This is definitely subjective.  My professional aim is  to keep acting in some form.  It morphs as the years progress.  Now I’m creating acting work for myself, but I would like to get more acting jobs with major TV shows and films.  I would like to be acknowledged for my acting ability.  Putting it out there Universe.  I will persevere.

NEXT, the WebSeries is Going Gangbusters!

Screen Shot 2015-03-22 at 3.25.11 PM.00_00_03_25.Still001NEXT, the WebSeries is streaming online and so far, we’ve received over 2600 fabulous ‘hits’ on YouTube with fabulous feedback! We are now submitting to film festivals!

We are starting an online campaign to raise more awareness of this original web series. We want to again please ask for your help in getting the word out by adding your Facebook and Twitter support.

It’s really easy. We’re  using a platform called Thunderclap to spread the message on Twitter and Facebook. Read More

The Gender Gap.

Screen Shot 2015-02-03 at 8.19.26 PMI’ve recently posted Video 2: Girls Go Geek?  and Video 3: The Gender Gap Exists. This is Why. on YouTube as part of my 3 video series on The Gender Gap in Tech.  I’ve produced these videos to highlight and start conversations about the lack of women pursuing and staying in  STEM careers compared to men, and the lack of women in leadership roles within these companies.

After posting these videos, particularly #2, showing young girls and one boy preferring girl teachers/principals and enjoying science (Video 1: Girls Go Geek? shows young girls liking math), conversations began.  Actually, the welcome responses received were from men, not women.  Interesting.

Some of the comments were that children were mainly exposed only to women as teachers and principals since approximately 76 percent of public school teachers are female so this is what’s familar.  Why do you think that’s the case?  Another comment referred to the lack of female CEO’s beginning with behavior early in life- with peer pressure; “girls can be very catty and clubby and want to fit in” which means hiding one’s intelligence. Could that be a message that young girls receive from adults?

The National Foundation of Science states, “66 percent of fourth grade girls say they like math and science, but only 18 percent of all college engineering majors are female.”  Girls get certain messages throughout their lives: to look beautiful, not to play rough and get dirty, math and science is for boys, girls don’t understand math and science, there are “more appropriate” careers for girls, girls raise children and take care of their families to name a few.

Screen Shot 2015-02-03 at 8.23.33 PMIn “What Women Know About Leadership That Men Don’t” by Tony Schwartz he says, “For the most part, women, more than men, bring to leadership a more complete range of the qualities modern leaders need.”  These qualities range from intellectual qualities to emotional ones.  Studies show women rating higher than men on a range of leadership qualities, including honesty, intelligence, compassion, and creativity as performed by the Pew Research Center. But, women fill only 24 of senior executive positions in Fortune 500 companies.

Research presented at a Women 2.0 conference showed that women-led tech companies are more capital efficient and achieve 35 percent higher return on investment, and, when venture backed, bring in 12 percent higher revenue than male-owned tech companies.  Women also run companies on two-thirds the funds of their male equivalents, yet receive only  about 4 percent of venture funds.  Does that make you go “Hmmmm?”

The number of women in tech is increasing, but ironically, as our world becomes more and more dependent on technology,  the fewer numbers of females in STEM related careers may mean fewer females in the workplace in the United States.

In our 5 episode scripted dramedy web series NEXT premiering at the Castro Theatre in San Francisco on March 7, 2015 and on-line March 10, 2015  we break this gender gap barrier with a series written, directed, and produced by women about a female-led Silicon Valley tech start-up led by women!

Subscribe to this YouTube channel to view the web series on March 10th.


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