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ani-avetyan“Your work was WOW!”

— Ani Avetyan, Casting Director

scott-david“Taylor conducts herself professionally while making intelligent and convincing choices to create a character that is real and interesting.”

— Scott David, CSA Casting Director

Matthew Barry“Taylor is a talented and dedicated actress. She embraces her characters fully to give very believable performances.”

— Matthew Barry, Casting Director, Producer, Teacher

7-Joelle-Arqueros“Taylor embodies the character she is playing, infusing energy, complexity, and focus.”

— Joelle Arqueros, Writer, Director, Producer

seydways.richard“Taylor consistently connects with a character, in any situation, on multiple levels and goes on a real life journey, taking the spectators with her.”

— Richard Seyd, Acting Coach

Rob Nilsson“I could feel what Taylor’s characters were feeling. She performs in the moment and is present.”

— Rob Nilsson, Director, Producer, Actor, Instructor

Christa Martin“Your performance today was epic! So smart, so funny, so nuanced, so many clever surprises, soooo convincing! I absolutely bought every minute of it! And I couldn’t take my eyes off you. You were magnetic!”

— Christa Martin

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